Different Types of Leather Jackets for Men and Tips to Select the Best

A leather jacket is a functional and fashionable outfit that can be worn by both women and men to enhance the overall visual appearance. We can see different types of leather jackets available for both the genders online as well as in retail outlets. These jackets can be used for several occasions. The most common materials that are used here to manufacture leather jackets are lambskin, sheepskin, goatskin, cowhide, and horse skin.

Leather Jacket Types Available

Straight Style

Straight style leather jackets don’t come with multiple zippers and pockets. They make you appear tall and lean. You don’t see any elastic waistbands and inner pads. It has got a streamlined cut style that suits younger generation.

Bomber Style

The bomber style leather jackets are very much ideal for people with broad shoulders. These coats are also available in different colors in order to match every individual’s taste and preferences. This particular outfit has got good enough space around chest area. It has also got thick padding, which is made of fleece.

Military Style

This particular style became more popular during the World War II since airplane crew used these jackets in order to keep themselves comfortable and warm. You can see this particular model available both in brown and black shades.

Motorcycle Style

It is one of the stylish outfits alongside many other varieties. This particular variety is very much suitable for men who are lean and tall, since the jacket comes with zippers and pockets. However, they are available in fewer designs and cannot suit all body types. Apart from black shade, it is also available in a wide range of colors to meet everyone’s requirements.

Apart from several other varieties available, you can find many trendy leather jackets available online.

Tips to Select the Right Kind of Leather Jacket

It is important to consider few pointers before you select a jacket.


When selecting the right kind of jacket, it is important that you select the best color that matches with the other outfits. Jackets in black shade go well with bright colored shirts and brown colored jackets blend well with beige colors. It is recommended to choose the colors that match your personality rather than following the current trends


It is important to consider the coat length that enhances your body shape. Trench coats and dusters don’t appear good on all body types.

Body Type

Usually, leather jackets are styled and designed differently. It is recommended to select a leather jacket that suits your body shape.


The fabric that you choose is more important than color; few jackets are made of soft materials, which are comfortable during the winter season. However, selecting the right material matters the most. You can find different types of materials used for manufacturing jackets today.

Sleeve Length

Another important factor to take into consideration is the sleeve length. Make sure that it never exceeds beyond the wrist line. You can get quality jackets from CP Company. CP company jackets are well known for their quality and they are quite comfortable.


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